Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time to get in to line

Have you noticed it yet? The days are already discernibly longer than they have been in the weeks leading up to Christmas; the darkness is slowly being overcome by the light. It is only a few minutes today and a few more minutes tomorrow. It will be a while before people will generally acknowledge that the days are lengthening. But they are already discernibly longer if one pays attention to this.

So it is fitting that we are celebrating the Epiphany of Jesus. Yes he has come among us and yes he is the Light of the world. But if we stop there, we miss something that is huge. He did not come alone. He is bringing the kingdom with him. Some might say that we are going on a six week journey to find God, but if that is the case how are we going find God when we cannot find ourselves? The thing about God is this: God seeks us. God finds us. God desires and calls us – even draws us. His light and his life reveal who he is and who were are because we are his people. We are signals and signs of his presence in the world for the rest of the world to seek, to see and to join in service of God and his coming kingdom.

God causes his Church not to husband a little fire around which a few may gather for warmth but to light torches that we might seek out the least, the lost and the last, that all whom God calls are enabled to come to him. We are called to seek out the sick, the hurt, the broken and those weighed down by their sins and those who are dying to care for them and comfort them in any way possible. We are called to turn the values of this world on their heads and in that journey find that we have light to guide us in our way as we lead others into the kingdom.

Thus, this season calls us not just to live an obedient life. Each and all of us are called to live a life that fulfils what God has planned for it. All of the cosmos witnesses to the coming of the Lord Jesus. All of creation proclaims and celebrates his birth. How will you use your time, talents, treasure, trees and tears to respond to the fact that his light and his kingdom are coming? Will you get in line with the rest of us and join the great exodus that is coming, for the line forms right here on the desktop. Will you not come and get into line with us so that we might seek, see and serve the Lord Jesus?



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