Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The disciple's trial

What is it in you that you allow yourself to be weighed down in this way?
Can you not receive my gifts, my mercy and grace and so find your own freedom?
Is it truly easier to kick against the goads?

I watch, with tears in my eyes, struggling to go your own way and live life on your terms.
You desire to have it all your own way. You reject my hand, pushing it away.
You grow deaf to the sound of my voice calling out to you to return and allow me to take your burden.
You grow blind to my care and compassion for your path and your pain.

Do you remember that I have been this way before?
Do you not recall that I have felt the pain, suffered scorn and wore the shame?
Look into my eyes and what can you see... is there any rest, any hope, any promise in me?

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