Friday, October 18, 2013

Pray, listen, watch and live!

There once was a man who loved the Lord and loved to spend time in prayer. And it happened that the Lord made it known to the man that a great flood was about to destroy his village and all who did not get to safety. The man made this known to his friends and neighbours and everyone prayed and got ready to leave, except the man who prayed. The day finally came and a great flood came to this village and everyone was ordered to evacuate. But the man who had prayed refused to leave his home. Instead, he prayed to God and asked God to save him. Then he climbed up on the roof of his house to await his salvation from God.

A short time later, a constable came by in a large truck, that was able to get through the rising water. The constable called out the man on the roof who had prayed after he had back up his truck to the house so that the man could up down into the pan of the truck from the roof and escape. However, the man on the roof called out to the constable and said, “Don’t worry! I am fine! God will save me!” After unsuccessfully pleading some more, the constable left the man on the roof behind.

A couple of hours later when the water had risen several feet, a couple came to the man on  the roof  and called to him, wanting him to come and get in their boat with them. But the man on the roof refuse, noting that the boat could hit a log in the fast flowing water. And so the couple left the man on the roof behind and made their escape.

Another hour or so later and after the water was nearly to the man on the roof, a helicopter came to the house and the helicopter crew pleaded with the man to tie the rope they had let down to him, around himself and they would lift and take him to safety. The man on the roof, shouting above the roar of the helicopter’s rotors said, “No thanks; no way! My God will save me!” The helicopter crew could only hover and watch as the overwhelming tide washed the house and the man on its roof away. The man on the roof died.

When the man got heaven he went in to see God and asked, “Sir, I prayed that you would rescue me... how come you didn't? ” God looked at the man who had died on the roof and said to him, “You prayed and I answered! I sent a truck. I sent a boat. I sent a helicopter. Three times I tried to save you. How come you didn't live out your prayer and respond?” 

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